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Get It Out -- Fanfiction (Mac/Horatio)

Title: Get It Out
Author: octobertwelfth (LJ account), Defection (CSI Forensics account)
Pairing: Mac/Horatio
Spoilers? Uh, maybe "MIA-NYC Nonstop", if you think that knowing each other is a spoiler..
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: m/m sex, explicit content, adult themes, built relationship & mild cursing


Tongues twisting, bodies pressed to keep all gaps sealed; soft moans escaping their lips, they stood, gasping and rubbing against each other, eyes closed and hearts pounding.

The dark-haired one pulled away, kissing the shorter male's forehead and running his fingers through his lover's hair affectionately.

"We have to get it out.." He purred, nipping at his beloved's neck, taking care with the skin that connected his neck and shoulder bone. "Turn around, Horatio."

Horatio whimpered, just a little; nodding and turning around obediently. "Just don't stare," he murmured, gripping the edge of the tub and bending over. A thousand images ran through Mac's head at the thought, and he smirked, pressing against his lover and licking his neck sensually. "I won't, love," he teased, before inserting two fingers into the redhead's opening, earning a low growl and a sudden shift in position.

"Don't push it," Horatio grunted, gasping a little when Mac stretched his opening, causing his essence to drip down his fingers. Mac chuckled against the lieutenant's heated skin, leaving soft butterfly kisses along his neck; Horatio in turn moving his head to allow more access.

"I won't. I swear on my Marine's honor," Mac purred, his fingers scissoring, soft moans escaping Horatio's lips in protest. "Y-Your honor must.. mustn't mean much.. a-anymore.. fuck, Mac," he arched against the taller one's touch, small sounds escaping him. Mac chuckled, biting on his lover's skin. "Hard already? Naughty," he murmured; his other hand taking hold of Horatio's leaking member.

"Nngh.." Horatio groaned, resisting the urge to buck into Mac's hand; the fingers stretching him already stimulating enough. He shuddered, closing his eyes and pressing against the detective in need. Mac chuckled, once more, before his thumb moved to toy with the redhead's slit; Horatio's sparkling blue eyes opening in protest as he moaned.

"You're enjoying this."

"It's because of how you do it..! A-Ah.. fuck," the lieutenant gasped, his breathing strained and his voice softening.

"Admit it. You're enjoying this."

"Shut up, and fuck me already."

"Demanding now, are we?" Mac teased, his fingers running along Horatio's length, the CSI already being driven insane by the way his lover just seemed to be torturing him. "Quit teasing, Mac..! Just get on with it..!" came Horatio's choked response, the way Mac seemed to be inserting and removing his fingers in time with his strokes seeming not to help in the way he spoke.

"Ssh. The neighbors might hear us," the ex-marine said, smirking against Horatio's heated skin. "Might hear us? They probably heard me screaming last night and the headboard banging against the wall, hell, they might've heard you slapping my ass and causing red marks to appear on it!" Horatio retorted, his breath heightening when Mac's strokes got even faster, long fingers running along his cock tantalizingly.

"Mm.. always one for small details."

Horatio grunted, fastening his mouth on Mac's and kissing him sloppily, wanting the man to just shut up already and get it over and done with. Mac pulled away, fake-pouting. "Fine, fine. Have it your way," he muttered, pretending to sound disappointed. Horatio felt the sweat drip down the side of his face, and he breathed heavily. "You just can't stop the tea-- Aaagh!" Horatio felt his grip tighten along the bathtub's edge, feeling the familiar sensation of Mac's member filling his opening. "U-Ugh.. I-I'll never get used to that.." the lieutenant moaned, arching his back and closing his eyes. Mac snickered, moving his hands to grasp the back of Horatio's thighs, the smaller of the two moaning in protest; apparently not quite comfortable with shifting position--especially since Mac was currently buried into him.

"Mm, never say never, love," Mac purred, withdrawing and entering again; earning another moan from the redhead.


"Now be a good boy and follow me."

A reply was not needed.

Horatio's eyes widened as Mac started a rhythm, arching even more into his touch. He gasped as he felt the detective move against him, withdrawing and thrusting in, deeper with each time he entered. It was this side of Mac he always did find himself feeling scared of, wondering if he would go to the point of hurting them both.

"Mac!" Horatio shouted, feeling the male's tip brush against his prostate, eyes closing tightly as loud, long moans escaped him. Mac held onto him, thrusting in and out in a sort of tribal dance, Horatio providing the constant chant of his name.

"F-Fuck!" Horatio groaned, shuddering against his lover as he felt a sudden warmth in the pit of his stomach. He felt himself stretch out, Mac continuing to slam into him and pull out, continuing to hit his prostate in an unfair way. "Tight," muttered the taller one, pulling out and picking up the pace, the only sound made soon after that of slapping skin; the occasional moan and the frequent cursing of Lieutenant Horatio Caine.

Bodies writhing, mouths fastened together and tongues battling for dominance, the pair stood; or at least one of them did, while the other gasped and fell prey to having shaky legs. Horatio felt sounds escape his throat involuntarily, before finally whispering, "coming", against his lover's lips.

Horatio arched, muscles tightening, body stiffening as he felt himself release; his essence splattering against the bathroom wall and onto his face, a long, low moan escaping his lips. Mac, groaning when he felt Horatio's walls clamp around him, found it difficult to press in, the heat of it all driving him off the edge.

Horatio felt himself moan when Mac released, his seed filling him once more; and the lieutenant suddenly realized that getting it out hadn't quite helped at all. He whimpered when Mac bit down on his neck, leaving a mark that Horatio supposed wouldn't quite be covered by his dress shirt.

"D-Damnit.. and you said.. you were gonna take it out.." Horatio stuttered, body quivering before he fell limp against Mac's taller form. Mac chuckled, kissing the top of his head.

"Wanna do it again?"

"Don't even think about it."

Much love!

Lana <3


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Oct. 17th, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
Really? Thanks~ I have yet to get used to writing this stuff. xD

And thank you for the compliment. I was having fun making Mac.. a little different. <3

I'll probably write more. A lot more. xD
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