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Title: My Christmas Wish
Author: Immortal Aussie
Email: immortal_aussie@hotmail.com
Fandom: CSI: New York/CSI: Miami
Rating: FRT
Summary: All Mac wants this Christmas is his one wish to come true
Disclaimer: All this belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and co. I’m not making any money off this so please don’t sue me
Warnings: Pre-slash. Talk of Santa Clause :)
Challenge: 7 Crossovers on Mac Taylor/Horatio Caine from CSI: New York/CIS: Miami
Prompt: #2 Forgive
Word Count: 242

Dear Santa,

Please forgive me for this unusual letter. Especially since it has been many years since I’ve written to you.

Lately I’ve been very forgiving to everyone around me. I had to forgive Danny for what he did with the case which involved his past. He tried to hide it from me and it ended up with me not trusting him. I had to forgive him while he also had to forgive me.

Now with Horatio Caine, I love him so much and have no idea what to do with it. When I first entered the police force he was a lieutenant within the Crime Lab. I doubt he remembers me from then but I do. I remember him because I developed the biggest crush ever on him. I re-met him on a cross-jurisdictional case when he came up to New York to hunt down a man whom he presumed was the killer of a young girl’s family. This brief few days we spent together rekindled my feelings for him except now it wasn’t just a crush I was head over heals in love with him.

So forgive me for writing this letter to you as I had no other idea of what to do about my feelings.

I promise I’ll be a good boy and not abuse your generosity as long as you can do what you can for my one Christmas wish to come true.

Mac Taylor


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